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Drywall repair specialist. Sheetrock repairs, remodeling specialist. Licensed California Drywall C-9 contractor.

Drywall repair Seaside,Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Marina, Salinas, Monterey County

David's Drywall Service is a California licensed drywall contractor specializing in small drywall jobs and interior wall and ceiling repairs, serving the Monterey County area.

Having a background as a professional sheetrock finisher for 36 years, including Union training in high quality drywall finishes, the perfect foundation is laid for achieving the highest standard in interior wall and ceiling finishes, whether in a new installation, or a drywall repair.

Since 1989, we have specialized in a wide variety of drywall repairs and modifications, including the repair of plumbing access holes, resolution of water damaged drywall areas,  the removal and retexturing of simulated acoustic texture ("cottage cheese"), as well as the installation and finishing of new drywall in kitchen and bathroom rennovations, room additions, etc.

Nearly all of our work has been in occupied homes, so cleanliness and neatness are an integral part of our operation.


When you hire us, you're hiring a professional!


Efficiency, Economy, and Professional Results!


For real estate professionals, landlords, homeowners, and renters ... it pays to use a drywall repair specialist.

  • It's efficient - Most drywall repairs can be completed very quickly. Using a quick-setting (5 minute) joint compound, successive coats can be applied to achieve a smooth repair in a very short time. Afterwards, the texturing to match the surrounding surfaces can be applied.  Small repairs can often be completed in under 2 hours. Inconvenience to the homeowner or tenant is kept to a minimum.
  • CLEANLINESS: No mess left behind! No overspray! No dust!!!
  • It's economical - Because of the high level of efficiency, the down time of a rental unit is minimized, and the cost of the repair is as low as possible.
  • Professional results - Retain the value of your home or unit, and maintain the quality appearance of your home's interior. A poorly done repair is a constant reminder of a poor choice.

It pays to use an interior wall and ceiling repair specialist!

Serving Monterey,Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Seaside, Marina, Salinas, and surrounding areas with drywall repairs, including simulated acoustic removal and retexture.

No Mess !!!

Since most of our work is done in the individual's home, our operation is tailored with that in mind.

  • Work does not generally commence before 9:30 a.m.  This time suites the broad majority of our clients.
  • For sheetrock repairs:
    • The first order of business is the protection of the area around the repair. Canvas tarps and painters masking paper is generally used to protect the floor and surrounding areas.
    • NO SANDING!  Since the drywall repair is made using a quick-setting compound (hot mud), any trimming of the surface is done as the joint-compound is hardening by using the drywall knife to scrape as needed.  This eliminates the need for sanding.
    • NO OVERSPRAY!  If a spray texture is needed to match the existing sheetrock surface, visqueen plastic sheeting is liberally used to protect the entire area around the drywall repair.
    • NO MESS!  When we're done with the repair, the protective plastic and masking are all rolled up into the floor tarps and carried out the door! The only way you'll know we've been there is that the drywall problem is gone.
  • For new installations:
    • The work area is always kept tidy and swept.
    • If there is any danger of dust, appropriate steps are taken to prevent the drywall dust from making its way into adjoining areas.
    • When the work is finished, the area is left very clean.




Contact and California License Information.

David's Drywall Service
CA LIC 561104
David Shaules
852 Tioga Ave.
Sand City, CA 93955

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